We are under construction and formalizing the deck of stuff still. However, we are aiming to offer in Helsinki region framed and foldable kayaks and seayaks from the one of the best Russian manufacturer.

As of now, we are aiming to sell and rent kayaks designed for big lakes and sea, or weekend type of trips. Right now we would like to start with:

  • Ladoga 1 or Ladoga 2. Kayak with open deck designed for 1 or 2 persons and can be used on lakes and sea.
  • Vektor 1 or Vektor 2. Kayak for 1 or 2 persons with close deck. It is the best option for the sea, has smaller weight then plastic analogs.
  • Ileksa. Kayak for 1 person with open deck, designed to fit half-day trips.
  • Varzuga. That is mainly designed for lakes and slow rivers and fit up to 3 persons.

In addition to this, T would like to get further to expand set of services and also get paddles, safe suits, water proof packs and futher equipment. We are also studying an opportunities that will let us take kayaks that allows sailing equipment and also framed catamarans, but that is a long term plan that would require sufficient interest from customers.